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Closed Circuit Television System (CCTV) Selection Dilemma

What are some of the things that you need to consider before purchasing a CCTV System?

The first question you need to answer is why you need the system in the first place. CCTV systems have several functions among them, monitoring for surveillance, recording for future reference, or for analysis and automation.

IP CCTVs vs Analogue

When this question is answered, it would be important to ponder on what type of CCTV System are available to purchase. There are two main types; analogue and Digital (IP) CCTV systems. Based on the need, the choice of either is based on how do you want to access the data, what level of clarity is available, power options, what is the distance to cover, and your budget.

Power Options

In terms of power consumption, IP cameras require more power compared to Analogue as such it would be important to factor in the source of power. For instance, if you want to utilize solar power, it is recommended you use the analogue CCTV system for it could consume less power compared to IP Cameras.

Clarity and Distance

Most analogue CCTV are labeled in terms of the distance they can cover, mostly below 30m, 50m and 100m. IP Cameras too have the same labeling, but the clarity in terms of pixels determines the camera to use for what function. They are further categorized as outdoor or indoor, bullet or dome etc, depending on where they will be installed.


The installation of both the Analogue and the IP cameras is different, and it is common to find the installation of IP Cameras more expensive compared to the analogue. In terms of maintenance, IP cameras require less support after installation compared to Analogue cameras.

Always have a technician do a site visit to determine some of these factors before deciding on the system to install.