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About Us

Our Story

Our systems are designed and developed using global standards. All solutions we offer are compliant with the specific standard bodies as a way of ensuring that they are globally accepted. In doing this, our systems are Innovative and they employ Hi-Tech techniques with the very latest system deployment methods in order to ensure that our solutions are elegantly simple

Solutions to technical problems, today, must accommodate different tenets to be all inclusive. Gadgets that fail to accommodate IoT will soon be irrelevant and probably obsolete.  The demands of the solutions in the market are defined, but not limited, to dependability, reliability and availability. Besides, an artistic touch sets them above the rest. GIHTs technology understands the solutions demands and that is the reason we go beyond our boundaries to implement solutions that are artistic and result oriented

Skills And Huge Experience

Design   —   90%

Prototyping   —   60%

Consulting   —   30%

Development   —   85%

What We Offer

Amazing Team

Linux Engineer
Control Engineer
Systems Engineer

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GIHTS Technologies seeks to expands its services to all forms of industries by deploying innovative solutions to complex industrial problems without compromising on the quality or fundamental features of the system.